Automated Builds of Python Packages

Python packages are often installed using pip3 (or pip) and use a different directory layout than native programs. In particular, they do not make use of directories like bin/, lib/ or include/. To still support automated builds of Python packages, simexpal offers the exports_python property for builds. This property takes a directory name (relative to @THIS_PREFIX_DIR@) and exports this name via the PYTHONPATH environment variable such that the Python interpreter is able to load packages from this directory. It can be used in conjunction with the --target option of pip3 to locally install Python packages during automated builds.

  - name: some_python_package
    exports_python: 'python-packages/'
    # [...]
      - args: ['pip3', 'install', '--target=@THIS_PREFIX_DIR@/python-packages', '@THIS_SOURCE_DIR@']

Note that on Debian-based Linux distributions, you need to pass --system to pip3 to override the default of --user (which does not work with --target).