Python API reference

The “base” module

class simexpal.base.Config(basedir, yml)

Represents the entire configuration (i.e., an experiments.yml file).


Collects all successful runs and optionally parses their output.

Parameters:parse_fn – Function to parse the output. Takes two parameters (run, f) where run is a simexpal.base.Run object and f is a Python file object.
Returns:list of parsed outputs if parse_fn is given, generator of successful simexpal.base.Run objects otherwise

Exports experiments based on their status.

Parameters:included_statuses – List of simexpal.base.Status objects which get exported. Alternatively an integer list can be used, where the following translation is used: 0 - not submitted, 1 - in submission, 2 - submitted, 3 - started, 4 - finished, 5 - timeout, 6 - killed, 7 - failed.
Returns:List of (exp_name, variation-tuple, inst_shortname, status)-tuples

Path of the directory that stores all the instances.

class simexpal.base.Experiment(cfg, info, revision, variation)

Represents an experiment (see below).

An experiment is defined as a combination of command line arguments and environment (from the experiment stanza in a experiments.yml file), a revision that is used to build the experiment’s program and a set of variants (from the variants stanza in a experiments.yml file).

class simexpal.base.Instance(cfg, inst_yml, index)

Represents a single instance

class simexpal.base.Status

An enumeration.